Post cycle therapy after Testosterone cypionate anabolic

Post cycle therapy after Testosterone Cypionate UK anabolic

Testosterone cypionate is a crucial compound that has provided not only excellent results for bulking but also cutting cycles. In addition to this steroid, if you can maintain a proper diet and training regimen, you will be able to gain appropriate mass as well as strength while bodybuilding. The overwhelming evidence of usage of testosterone cypionate by athletes and bodybuilders while completing or during a performance is evident and how important this steroid is in the first place. For this reason, testosterone cypionate has been considered as one of the most revolutionary steroids in the world of bodybuilding. It is generally self-injected by bodybuilders and is excellent for those who cannot produce a sufficient amount of the hormone by themselves. Enhancing the composition of testosterone in the blood, a well-balanced compensation for the lack of this hormone is made. 

The Benefits of Testosterone Cypionate

There are a number of benefits of testosterone cypionate by athletes and bodybuilders over the years. In fact, even before bodybuilders were using this steroid, it was used in the medical field to treat excessive menstrual bleeding, osteoporosis, muscular atrophy as well as low bone density, for example. It is also used to the state in testosterone replacement therapy.

  • As a performance enhancement drug, this steroid is very important in building muscular strength and mass. Some people also believe that it is impossible to gain as much as is possible which using this drug, as without. This steroid basically increases the nitrogen content in the blood, which helps in holding onto the protein for a longer duration. This also is anabolic as well as androgenic. Since protein is the building block of tissues and muscles, this is of great use.
  • It prevents the muscle from the harmful effects of muscle destroying hormones like glucocorticoid, which is exceptionally catabolic. 
  • Testosterone binds exceptionally well with the androgen receptors and helps in losing fat from the body as fast as possible. 
  • Another great advantage of administering testosterone cypionate is that it is instrumental in muscle repair and restoration, which is of crucial importance for heavy weightlifters and bodybuilders. Sense bodybuilding exercises can cause a tremendous amount of stress and damage to muscles; the administration of this drug is of extreme importance. 
  • Self-injecting testosterone cypionate also works very well around created in which is exceptionally crucial in generating adenosine triphosphate, which provides energy to the muscles. 
The Benefits of Testosterone Cypionate

The Side Effects of Testosterone Cypionate

While there are a number of side effects of using testosterone cypionate, it has been recommended as one of the safest anabolic steroids for bodybuilders as well as athletes. You can already guess why testosterone cypionate is considered one of the most reliable steroid. It is because this is one of the hormones that the body produces by itself and is hence exceptionally well tolerated by your body, and the side effects are also easy to control. The side effects of using testosterone cypionate are as follows:

  • Androgenic: There are androgenic side effects of using testosterone cyclone, which may vary from person to person. It depends on the dose and length of the cycle and may lead to acne, hair loss, and oily skin. However, you can minimize the androgenic side effects of testosterone cypionate by taking Testosterone Cyp. Other Side Effects include an extreme growth of facial and axillary hair on the body. 
  • Estrogenic: Testosterone can lead to mild estrogenic activity, and this may cause Side Effects such as water retention, an abnormal increase in blood pressure as well as gynecomastia. While these effects are extremely rare, it is crucial to be aware of them and have inhibitors such as Clomid or Nolva handy. 
  • Cardiovascular: You must be extremely cautious about cardiovascular strain as well as the simulation of harmful cholesterol when injecting yourself with testosterone cypionate. For those who lead a well balanced healthy life will not present with many side effects. The dosage and length of your cycle also as an important effect on whether you will present any side effects. Make sure to eat healthily and hit the gym regularly when on the period.
  • Testosterone: The use of artificial steroids most definitely will cause suppression in the body is the natural production of testosterone. Although it is not impossible but rare, a complete shutdown of testosterone is possible if the user has been on the cycle for too long. Improper post cycle therapy for the absence of it will have an extremely detrimental effect on the body is the natural production of testosterone in the long run.
  • Hepatotoxicity: The usage of testosterone cyclone does not have any effect on the toxicity of the liver. However, to make sure this, you have to inject testosterone cypionate, which goes directly into the bloodstream and does not pass through the liver. 
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The Importance of PCT

One thing to keep in mind is that the use of testosterone cypionate or any other form of testosterone immediately halts the body’s natural production of testosterone. This makes it very important to follow up on a cycle with post cycle therapy or PCT. PCT ensures that the body does not permanently produce low testosterone. If you are not taking other anabolic steroids, then the PCT must begin 14 days after the last injection of testosterone. However, if other ester anabolic steroids are taken in conjunction with testosterone cypionate, then the PCT must start just three days after the final injection. SERM like Nolvadex or Clomid is an essential part of PCT, which helps in initiating the pituitary gland into the production of the hormone that further leads to the creation of testosterone by the body. This mechanism is what makes sure that the body produces testosterone naturally without causing any damages to the collection and its blood serum content.

Along with this, for those cycles which have used a total of 700 mg of steroids, whether or be testosterone cypionate or any other variant used in conjunction with this, HCG is also very important during PCT. This is to be taken at first before even the administration of Clomid or Nolva. No matter what the length of your cycle was or how much dosage you have used. You can design a PCT once your period comes to an end for the natural production of testosterone by the body and to promote proper development. PCT is of great importance for those who are discontinuing the use of either testosterone cypionate or any other form of anabolic steroids for more than ten weeks or so. 

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The Nature of PCT after Testosterone Cypionate Cycle

As already mentioned, the post cycle therapy after the injection of a large dosage of steroids should begin after two to three days after the last administration of the injection, and this must follow through for at least three weeks. PCT can be performed using either of the two drugs Clomid or Nolva, and people usually show a preference for either of these drugs. However, there are some bodybuilders and athletes who prefer neither of these drugs and move on to something completely different. Both of these drugs are present with some side effects like nausea and headache, thereof extreme importance to prepare you for the next steroid cycle and to enhance the body’s natural production of testosterone. 

Things to Keep in Mind About PCT

Clomid and Nolvadex are the essential components of post cycle therapy. For heavy dose uses of steroid cycles, the use of HCG is also recommended for post cycle therapy. However, If you cannot get a hands-on HCG, there is not much for a problem as long as you have Clomid or Nolva. Sometimes it is also challenging to find Nolvadex, at which juncture; the word can be done by Clomid itself if your period cycle was a light one. Back in the days, bodybuilders did not use two to three products during the PCT. In fact, the concept of PCT is still a novel one, and there is still much research going on about this. Evolution of scientific investigations and better models of the human body the concept of PCT has and with that the usage of a number of products during this for therapy.

However, it is essential to understand that you can still perform pct if you do not have all the necessary products. However, the use of more number of products during pct is more likely to become vital if you cycle more often and with a high dosage. Of course, there are some compounds that you need to be extra cautious when you are working with them, and they deserve extensive research to understand the basics of this compound thoroughly. For example, a cycle of Dianabol or Anadrol-50 requires that you use Nolvadex throughout the period. However, with a steroid-like, Primobolan, or equipoise, you can simply not take other such drugs when cycling but fall back on average PCT after the cycle has terminated. 

The Nature of PCT after Testosterone Cypionate Cycle

A Normal PCT

As it has already been made clear, no matter how long your cycle was and what dosage of a particular steroid, you have used, the importance of PCT is undeniable. No matter what you are looking for, if you do not continue your cycle and follow it up with the post cycle therapy, you will cause permanent damage to your body that will be very difficult to reverse. A typical post cycle therapy includes both Clomid, as well as Nolvadex, took in particular dosage for best results. Usually, 20mg/day Nolvadex is administered for four weeks. The usage of Clomid usually begins two weeks after the last shot of a steroid.

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Along with this, if you can get your hands on HCG, 1/5,000 IU vial of HCG is also recommended. The dosing of Clomid gradually increases but begins with about 100mg Clomid that is to be administered for ten days, followed by 50mg/day for the upcoming ten days. On the other hand, you can also take 50mg/day for a continuous period of 3 weeks. These depend entirely on how heavy your cycle was. 

Side Effects of PCT

As it has already been subtly mentioned in this post before, PCT comes with quite some side effects that you will have to deal with. Because an artificial source is not doing the production of testosterone and the body has to produce this hormone now after a long while. You will not be able to perform as proficiently in the gym as you used to do when during the cycle. The boost that was provided by the usage of testosterone cypionate with, of course, fade, and you will not be able to be as active in the gym as you used to be. However, there is nothing to worry about because the gains you made during your cycle do not fade during PCT. General fatigue and tiredness are widespread during pct, which usually leads to a low appetite for the gym. However, you need to understand that this is very common and happens to almost everybody during pct. What is of extreme importance to you and your good health is to be aware of the changes in your body and keep an open mind about it. PCT provides for a significant phase where the body prepares itself for the upcoming cycles of steroids as well as initiates the body is a mechanism to produce hormones by themselves. Nothing is fascinating fantastic about a PCT, and most people generally hate the idea of it. However, you need to understand that this is one of the essential parts of working out and is very important to provide your mind and body with the space to make the effects of steroids noticeable. 

Hence the necessity of post cycle therapy is undeniable when cycling with testosterone cypionate. Be very precise when planning your post cycle therapy for the best results.